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Refrigerated display cabinet main features

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Refrigerated display cabinet main features

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For large shopping malls, supermarket chains and retail stores, attracting more consumers means gaining more economic benefits.

Periphery is implemented by a frenzy of advertising in the supermarket the attention of consumers in the supermarket, consumers often appear, such as bus stations, residential elevator, could serve as its AD Posting, this advertising to distinctive features, outstanding, can quickly capture people's attention, can give a person leave deep impression in a short time. If it is the interior of a supermarket, you can decorate it with some colored pictures and ribbons to make people happy. Good shelf display is also the key to attract consumers. It has been proved by practice that consumers can clearly see the products displayed on 1-5 layers of the shelves when they stand 30~ 50cm away from the shelves, but can only see the products displayed within 1 meter or so of the horizontal distance. Therefore, vertical display method can present more commodities in front of customers at the same time. When consumers pass in front of vertically displayed commodities, they can see the commodities clearly and have a good sales effect. For this, supermarket can choose glass door freezer to show ark to display the product such as beverage, can attract consumer to stop so go choose and buy.

Main features of refrigerated display cabinet:

Refrigerated display cabinet

One. Better material for cold storage display cabinet: high-quality cold storage display cabinet is made of imported stainless steel plate with a thickness of 0.5 or 0.8 mm. All evaporation pipes are made of high-quality copper coil and processed into wide profile. Stainless steel board surface is bright and clean good, whole board thickness is even, use proper ply to assure service life already long, make refrigerate to show ark exterior level off again firm. Copper pipe has better cooling effect than aluminum pipe or composite pipe, better corrosion resistance, high quality copper coil has the advantages of high cleanliness in the pipe and less pipe joints, which can effectively prevent the leakage or blockage in the refrigeration system. The circular tube is processed into a rectangle, so that the contact between the evaporator tube and the cooling tank changes from point contact to surface contact.

Two. Commercial high-power compressor in refrigerated display cabinet: all high-quality refrigerated display cabinets adopt commercial compressors. In addition to good start-up performance, and refrigeration capacity from small to large specifications, the commercial compressor can be configured according to different requirements of the product. Only commercial compressors are suitable for commercial refrigerated display cabinets. The use environment is bad, the start frequency is frequent, the running time is long, guarantees the product quality.

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